The following commands will install snap and snapd.

You then run the commands to installkushtakad from the --edge channel in --devmode.

$ sudo apt install snap snapd
$ sudo snap install kushtakad --edge --devmode

You can now see that kushtakad has the following services.

$ sudo snap services
Service           Startup  Current  Notes
kushtakad.sensor  enabled  inactive -
kushtakad.server  enabled  active   -

Configure Sensor

If you go to http://localhost:8080 you will see the dashboard for the kushtakad server running. Once you create sensor on the kushtakad dashboard, take the apikey and the host information and run the following command.

$ sudo kushtakad -apikey YOUR_API_KEY -host http://localhost:8080


You can disable either of the services with the following commands.

$ sudo snap stop --disable kushtakad.sensor
$ sudo snap stop --disable kushtakad.server


Similarly, you can start and enable the services with the following commands.

$ sudo snap start --enable kushtakad.sensor
$ sudo snap start --enable kushtakad.server


$ sudo snap refresh kushtakad --devmode

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