The Kushtaka executable also acts as a sensor when you pass it the -sensor flag. Configurations are downloaded by the sensor from the server as long as the sensor has been configured with the -apikey and the -host values.


  • Create a sensor on the the server's dashboard

  • Copy the sensor's apikey to your clipboard and configure the sensor

  • Run kushtakad by passing the -sensor flag

Create Sensor

After you enter the information, you should see your sensor saved

Copy Api Key

The Api Key can be found on the bottom left of the sensor screen

Configure Sensor

$ kushtakad -apikey YOUR_API_KEY -host URI_OF_SERVER

Run Sensor

$ kushtakad -sensor


Examples of the data/sensor.json file that is created.


$ kushtakad -apikey 9ac35aeacfd5a951a64794c75f3Bf0bc448671ab6e62a0d71993aca98c76f545 -host http://localhost:8080


"key": "9ac35aeacfd5a951a64794c75f3Bf0bc448671ab6e62a0d71993aca98c76f545",
"host": "http://localhost:8080"

Sensor.json Example


Directory Listing

$ ls data/
acme clones images kushtaka.db logs sensor.db sensor.json server.json sessions tmp